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  • Mailing Address: 6969 Pastor Bailey Drive,Suite 110, Dallas, Texas 75237



Foster Adoption Ministry

The mission of the Foster Adoption Ministry is to provide Godly support and resources to foster/adoption families and those considering foster care or adoption.


FOSTER ADOPTION -- Make at least 5 foster or adoption connections from Southern Dallas 

INFORMATION RESOURCES -- Provide pertinent information to those considering foster or adoption while connecting families to valuable resources

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT -- Facilitate at least 10 scheduled support group meetings throughout the year

FAMILY COUNSELING -- Ensure healthy families by connecting them to family counseling through Harmony CDC Counseling Center 

Ministry Contacts

  • Zarin D. Gracey ( )
  • Erin Gracey ( )
  • Deborah Green ( )
  • Tizita Seifu ( )