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Rental/Mortgage/Utility Assistance

Harmony CDC Resource Center is currently providing Emergency and COVID 19 Assistance for the City of Dallas and Dallas County residents.





Funding for City of Dallas residents is restricted by the following requirements:

  • Must be COVID-19 related to provide assistance
  • Applicants must be in the City of Dallas with a 752XX  zip code 
  • Can only award a maximum of $1,500.00 in rent per month
  • Can only pay up to 3 months of rent
  • Can NOT pay any late fees
  • Assistance can NOT be provided for those living in public housing or Section 8 housing vouchers
  • Assistance is not available to families living in units owned by immediate family members


Harmony CDC Emergency Assistance Program provides Rental & Mortgage and Utility assistance with funding from various funding sources and COVID-19 (CARES Act) and requires the following information. All documentation submitted is kept strictly confidential.

LEASE AGREEMENT - Must show the name of occupants, address of the property, monthly rent rate, address of landlord/apartment complex (where to make checks payable to), and signatures of tenants.  For apartments, it is typically page 1 and page 8 of the lease.  For rental homes, you will need to read the lease and submit the pages that show the information stated above. 

FINANCIAL HARDSHIP DUE TO COVID - You CHOOSE ONE of the following and submit the required documentation:

1.) Business Closure/Non-Essential Job Loss – you will be required to submit one of the following documents:

  • Unemployment benefits documentation with payment ledger
  • Last paycheck with full pay (pre-COVID) and a current paycheck with decreased pay (after COVID)
  • Letter from employer stating the loss of job/loss of hours due to COVID

2.) School Closure – you will be required to submit one of the following documents:

  • Proof of virtual learning platform that contains child’s name
  • Letter from school stating the child is enrolled in virtual learning
  • School closure email or letter

3.) Self-isolation, self-quarantine, or illness – you will be required to submit one of the following documents:

  • Proof of positive COVID test
  • Letter from job stating you were required to be placed in quarantine
  • Hospital release form stating you were in the hospital due to COVID
  • Medical paperwork from a doctor stating high risk for COVID
  • Medical paperwork from a doctor regarding mental wellness was impacted due to COVID

COVID IMPACT FORM - You must download this form in ZoomGrants, sign it, and upload it to your application.

UTILITY BILLS - These are only required if you are also asking for utility bill assistance.  The bill must be clear and show your name, address of property, utility account number, past due charges, and current charges.

CURRENT INCOME - You need to provide proof of your current income which can be ONE of the following:

  • Unemployment benefit letter
  • Check stubs from the employer
  • Pay history from employer
  • Current bank statements
  • CASH WAGES: Use this form if all or part of your income came from cash/tips that were paid directly to you and you cannot obtain any other proof of wages from your employer. If this applies to you, then you must download the template provided, sign it and upload it to your application. 
  • SELF EMPLOYED FORM: Template Provided – Use this form if you are self-employed/own your own business and unable to show proof of wages through an employer otherwise. If this applies to you, you must download the template provided, sign it, and upload it to your application.   
  • DECLARATION OF NO INCOME STATEMENT: Template Provided – Use this form if you are stating you have no income source at all. If this applies to you, you must download the template provided, sign it, and upload it to your application.

PROOF OF HOUSEHOLD SIZE - You must provide proof of everyone living in your household you can submit the following documents:

  • Social security cards, birth certificates, passports for adults/children in the household 
  • A lease that shows the names of all applicants including children
  • Tax return with all members of the household listed & filed with the same address they are requesting rent assistance
  • SNAP letter with all household members listed

IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENTS - You must submit photo ID's for yourself and all other adults living in the household 

CURRENT LEDGER - You must contact your landlord/apartment complex leasing office for a rental ledger that shows at least the past 6 months of payments.

SUPPLEMENTAL DOCUMENTS - If you have any of the following documents, please upload them:

  • Eviction Notice/Court Eviction documentation
  • Notice to Vacate
  • Writ of Possession



  • Eligibility is established
  • Complete supporting documentation has been submitted and verified, and a funding decision has been made.
  • Promptly completing your application and uploading all requested documents, will expedite your application.
  • Due to the volume of applications, there is no need to call to inquire about the status of your application.
  • You will be contacted as soon as your application is reviewed.



If you have questions regarding your current application log into your Zoom Grants account and click on “CONTACT ADMIN” on the top options bar to contact your assigned Case Manager. If you have general questions contact .  


If you live in Dallas County (non-City of Dallas) area, TDHCA will be providing rental and utility assistance. Applicants can complete an application by phone or submitting an online application at www.txrentrelief.com starting at 8 a.m. on Monday, February 15th.  Both landlords and tenants can use this website to create an account and submit applications. If assistance is needed in completing an application, the TDHCA customer service staff can complete the application with you by phone by calling 1-833-9TX-RENT (1-833-989-7368).


Here is a list of other community agencies you may qualify to submit an application for support. 

Collin County - CLICK HERE

Denton County - CLICK HERE (Helpful Denton Info >> Rental Assistance)

Tarrant County – CLICK HERE

City of Garland - CLICK HERE

City of Irving – CLICK HERE

City of Lancaster: Contact Saint Vincent DePaul 469-607-0909. Must have been a City of Lancaster resident as of March 1, 2020.

City of Mesquite - CLICK HERE

(Mesquite Community Info)

Catholic Charites Dallas - CLICK HERE

Jewish Family Service of Greater Dallas – CLICK HERE


Call 211 or visit 211.org to connect local services