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Youth/Children Counseling

Family Tree Overview

Harmony Counseling Center has been providing community-based counseling services to individuals, couples, families, and groups since the 1980's.  We have now partnered with CCD Counseling (CCD) which now allows us to offer FREE Family Counseling via The "Family Tree" Program!  The Family Tree Program (funded by he State of Texas TDFPS) provides Free Family Counseling for Denton and Dallas County youth and their families.  

Eligibility & FAQs


Families are usually eligible if…

  1. The student is under the age of 18
  2. Residents of Dallas County
  3. There is family conflict (normal conflict - arguing, bickering, etc...), or
  4. Youth has runaway, or
  5. Youth has been truant, or
  6. Youth has been delinquent

Primary Services

  1. Brief family counseling
  2. Parenting skills groups
  3. Youth skills groups


1. Free?

Yes. Paid for by the State of Texas.

2. Are you using college interns or something?

No. Our therapists are licensed professionals. Other clients pay them $100+/ hour for their services.

3. Is there an income limit to be eligible?

No. All income levels are eligible.

4. Are these normal families like mine?

Yes. Most of our families need help with basic parent-child communication, parenting, or common teen issues.

5. Are there eligibility exceptions?

Yes. We can’t serve adjudicated youth. We CAN serve deferred adjudication youth. Clients must enter into services voluntarily, and their presenting problem must be appropriate for brief therapy.

6. How does my family get started?

If you are a family interested in short-term counseling services, please register using the button below.


Office Hours

  • Counseling and family tree available appointments during the evening and Saturdays.
  • Our administration hours is 10am-5pm.
  • Sessions are available by appointment from 10-8pm Monday-Thursday and on Saturdays 10-2pm.
  • We are closed on Fridays and Sundays.


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